Capital Business Suite – Payroll Management

Capital Business Suite (CBSuite) is a comprehensive human resource management solution for any small/medium/large industrial customers. CBSuite offers wide range of advanced features which helps to manage your workforce in an effective manner.

Why CBSuite Benefits to your organization

Below are the highlights of our product

  1. 1. Interactive HRMS Dashboards
  2. 2. Employee Management
  3. 3. Document Management
  4. 4. Leave Management
  5. 5. Shift Management
  6. 6. Payroll Management
  7. 7. Camp and Accommodation Management
  8. 8. Telephone Directory Management
  9. 9. Employee Benefit Management
  10. 10. Employee Self Services
  11. 11. Asset Management
Interactive Dashboards

The interactive and on demand customizable HRMS dashboards gives you the real time status of the human resources management. You do not want to manually compile bulky records or periodical data for your analysis and reports.

Employee Management

This Document will allow keeping record of employee. Whenever any new employee is joining to company that should be enrolling into this document. It will show you the employee related details such as

  • Personal Details
  • Employee Related documents and file attachments
  • Employee Benefit Calculator
  • Payroll History – processed, paid & balance to pay
  • Leave History
  • Disciplinary Action Details
Document Management System

CBSuite document management system will help you to manage and automatically alert you in email when an expiry lead time is reached. Here you could have a bulky update of soft copies of your documents and can be accessible from any whare with any devices with valid system credentials. As a PRO/HR representative, no need of depending anyone. It will instantly give you the details in your fingertips. It will help you to manage the following kind of documents

  1. 1. Employee Documents such as EID, Passport, Labor Card, Work Permit etc...
  2. 2. Statutory Documents such as Immigration Card, Labour card, Trade License, etc...
  3. 3. Management Documents like Directors, MD’s etc
Leave Management

Whenever any employee wants to go on leave this document will allow providing the leave detail. Before using this document first HR department has to set up the leaves for each employee with specific leave type and available allowed leave. After that system will be able to control the leave for each employee. Moreover, the employees can submit the leave request through their self-service portal, view their available as well as leave summary details too. All the leave types are customizable based on the organizational needs.

Payroll Management System

This system will execute the staff periodic salary based on the data received from Timesheet, Employee master for basic salary, Leave Entry for deduction if applicable, Staff Advance, Payment if applicable, Staff other deduction if applicable etc… System has the built-in capability to push the data from the external biometric devices to shows you the real time attendance logs of each of our resources from different geographical areas. Which helps the timekeepers to ease the data entry by simply verifying the logs. Based on the payroll run, system will automatically show you the employee wise processed, paid and the balance to pay details. Which will help the department core users to ease their work and to avoid the manual calculation errors while considering the sensitivity of the data’s.

The system will consider the following master data during the payroll run,

  • Pay Structure
  • Leave Entry
  • Processed Attendance Logs
  • Shift Assignment – Capacity to manage multi shift assignments
  • Cost center Assignment
  • Salary Loans, Advance, other payments & deductions.
Camp & Accommodation Management

Our smart algorithms will helps you to identify occupied as well as vacant slots in your accommodations. It will automatically suggest you the availability by each accommodation wise.

  • We can have the track of employees Check IN
  • We can have the track of employees Check OUT
Employee Benefit Management

There are a lot of benefits that are going to give to employee from employer. We have the effective system to manage all the employees related benefits such as,

  • Leave Salary Management
  • Gratuity Management
  • Air fare Management

Our benefit calculator helps the HR personal to calculate the employee benefits within a clicks based on the employees end of service mode. Since the benefit may varies if the employee is resigned/terminated. Such scenario, system can advise you the figures instead of manual calculations.

Employee Self Service Portal

Self-service portal eases the employees as well as the mangers to perform the following activities

  • Posting leave request
  • Manage their assigned task
  • Grievance
  • My Ideas
  • Approvals
  • Assets issued to the employees
  • Leave summary
  • Easy access to their own pay slips.
  • Employees can view and print their payroll information
  • You move your business towards paperless payroll
  • Employees can track their own time with digital time cards
  • Employees can easily update their personal information
  • Employees can share their documents through ESS
  • Employees have 24/7 access to their information
Phone Directory Management

Our phone directory management system will help you to track SIM cards used by the various organizational as well as the non-organizational employees. It will help you to give the periodic record details such as previously used personal details. As well as it will shows you the vacant details too.